This is a challenge that we can bring the information expected by the person you meet, whether user, citizen … A patient information they can use to choose and sometimes open a door to alternative solutions which will support a move towards more autonomy.

During contact with your audience, you may want to go with your board of a written document as a reminder or additional information. Looking for a document, so simple and complete as possible, enabling it to go further, to choose, to understand.

The Brussels local health promotion center has chosen for several years to facilitate the journey of a document from the broadcaster of information to its final target: the user. We aim to help professionals to choose the most suitable media and obtain them easily.

Before appearing on the display …

Upstream research work, description and classification is performed as a team. Search news first. The first objective for the CLPS is to keep abreast of new publications in health promotion. Or a copy is sent to us “spontaneously” or we found the info in a magazine. Once the local center, the leaflet follows a predefined path: it passes between hands of the team to see if it does indeed concern the many fields of health promotion, choose a category of classification, describe it in keywords … He receives a score, a copy is given to the documentation center, a contact is often taken with the association which broadcasts, and he finds himself on a display for visitors from CLPS. For brochures for the public, an update of work will be required to check availability copies over the months.

From now on, all the flyers we have listed and classified may be found at the local health promotion center (there are over three hundred, available from sixty different broadcasters). Gradually, we want to make this information available on the internet (you can access it through the network’s website presented last article).

The CLPS information sheet

Two to three times a year (depending on the news), the CLPS Brussels published several pages of information on a selection of recent documents. The choice is made in teams on the following criteria: the subject provides a relevant perspective on this issue or helping to discover the health promotion, content and formatting are sufficiently valid, the producer has no commercial interest, copies of stocks are available, sometimes. The sheet is a leading broadcast media for a campaign whose CLPS is a partner.

The July 2001 leaflet was sent to 400 organizations (community centers, youth centers, addiction centers, family planning centers, federations, medical homes, IMS, towns). Applications exceeded our expectations fifty organizations came for flyers in the three months that followed. A total of 24,000 copies for the 17 campaigns presented.

The leaflet is sent this March is a little different from previous: it becomes more of a vector CLPS information. Besides presenting the leaflets for users, there will also find information on some documents for professionals, some pedagogical tools and interesting websites. Abstracts attempt to describe in a few words the interest of the document, without issuing notice. Press kits are precious for that task.

The tools can be borrowed from the documentation center and all documents submitted will be ordered CLPS for several months. The advantage is of course to be able to obtain different media on the go at one time. Spoke on, you have the coordinates of each diffuser to purchase additional copies.